Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chapter 6: Ab tak 56

There are two types of people in the world, one who are normal and one who are not normal. Unfortunately with Ketan this rule has an exception. There is no definite cure for him. In the middle of a new year party, when the whole world is busy celebrating, who, in his right mind, discuss about breast cancer with a person who is so reserve that she refuses to open her mouth with guys in the room? Well...Ketan.

'But I really thought she had...' Ketan said for the hundredth time.
'Ok, for the last time, big breast does NOT mean she has breast cancer, in fact, why are you so bothered about her anyways?' I ask controlling my anger, 'Jatinder does not even talk to you.'
'Haa... killed you,' Sunny shouted in between, not concerned with the discussion.
'Oh no, you didn't,' I shouted as I reloaded my Bazooka. We were busy playing computer game on multiplayer mode.

It was new year, the year 2010, the black snake of recession was finally over and a new ray of hope was seen at a distance.

Me and Sunny had made the truce, infact we had too, as Shaitania was too angry with us over upsetting her Jintender that she kicked the three of us out of her house and he shamelessly slept at my place.

I met Ketan in Pune local as I travelled to Pune in a local train, he was selling incense sticks in the compartment. He was a good salesman, for he sold five packets to me, and I still have no idea why I purchased them.

Then, I kept spotting him everyday and he brought new items in the compartment. Train travel of twenty minutes per day was not a healthy option, so I decided to shift to Pune city. The rates in houses where too high, but Ketan offered to share the rent in half and I readily agreed.

Thus, we came by to live together under one roof, although his room is separate, he brought his computer, xbox, music system and many interesting items and we adjusted them in the living room. Seriously, I wonder what he does for living?

'So you love my baby sister, eh,' I asked killing his terrorist.
'Damm you, Khoon ka badla Khoon,' he replied, 'Yes. I hope its not a problem.'

'I seriously thought she had...' Ketan said.

We both gazed at him forgetting that we are face to face on the screen.

'How do you do this eh?' I asked, 'How do you manage to get a girlfriend? What do you say?'

'Yes yes,' Ketan came forward as a hungry dog, 'I also want to know..'

We both gazed at him for a while, again he was quiet. And then, Sunny explained.

'Impressing a girl is just like playing this computer game...

Step 1: Choose the right weapon for the job.
I liked Priya since we were in college, when she was in our class, she was Tania's best friend. Now she worked in my office. Taking Sunny's tip I decided to talk to her.


I woke up early in the morning, did a close shave. Man, I do look like a gunda. Ketan was sitting in the bathroom,

'What are you doing there for last two hours?' I shouted.
The answer surprised me, 'Bathing...'
'You never bath in the morning,' I replied knocking on the door.
'I am today, you go..'
'I want to take a bath,' I replied.
'Oh, ok... give me ten minutes...'

After an hour...

'Will you come out,' I shouted.
He opened the door and to my surprise, I found a very different man. I was sure his skin tone was lighter today.
'Whats going on?' I asked.
'Nothing,' he replied walking in his room.

Step 2: Locate your enemy. Build a strategy.
Priya was sitting in the canteen having breakfast as usual. I approached her with caution.
'Hey Priya,' I smiled, 'Can I join you.'
'Woah, sure Mr. Bigshot,' she smiled back, 'Good morning.'

Shani Tip: Always be confident, don't fiddle here and there.

'Good morning,' I returned her wishes and suddenly all my weapons backfired. No word came out of my mouth...'I...I...'

'Dude, are you alright?' Priya asked.

'Warning, Warning... Loosing height, plane crashing' the man shouted in the video game.

'Dude,' she asked again, 'I got work to do, ciya around...'


As I was walking home back that evening, I realized Ketan running on the street,

'Ketan,' I called out.
He looked at me but did not wait, he kept running into the next gali.

Just after him a girl was running with sandals in her hand, I realized he must have said something to her. Immediately after the girl a mob followed and I realized he had done something really nasty.

A few distance away a dog was sniffing the tail of a female dog. Sigh, every dog has its day. Mine was not today, little did I know universe was also watching me.

I slowly walked to my house... not knowing what was heading my way.


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